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YOUNG XAV Dead By Dawn

The time has finally come and YOUNG XAV has dropped his Sophomore album Dead By Dawn. We have been on this journey and have been covering his progression to reaching this goal. Without further delay, let’s get right into the album.

Thoughts on Dead By Dawn

  1. Dead by Dawn: Let’s get in the car and take a ride. This song has a electric tone to it. It picks up a bit into the song when YOUNG XAV enters the building. He introduces us to the concept of literally being dead by dawn from the chaos you get into at night.
  2. Once Upon A Time: XAV kills the fairytale image we have in our heads of what life should be. Instead he tells us a tale of his fairytale life and tells us how strange the world is. We can all relate to this. He lives a Rockstar life which is nothing like the once upon a time stories we hear.
  3. Life and Times of Xavier Robert: We slow it down a bit with some instrumentals. YOUNG XAV slowly makes his way into the song to let us enjoy the beauty in the instruments. He then describes what seems like a demon of a woman. He went through hoops and did everything to chase this girl and she doesn’t seem to care. He doesn’t want to go back but something keeps pulling him back. He keeps telling himself he can’t go back because it will all end up crashing and burning.
  4. Play Pretend: We have done a review on this song previously. Check it out.
  5. Mess I’ve Made: This song has also been reviewed, so make sure you check that out as well.
  6. Faded in Manhattan Never Lie: Oh, this is a sexy song. We got faded in Manhattan and took it to the bed. Collin wants to be your mans though, what do you say? YOUNG XAV, says there might be some space for some babies. I like how he references other songs in his verse to keep the momentum. The beat switches up completely and so does the flow. XAV describes her and what the future may hold and how she is the reason why he doesn’t want to fuck up. All he asks is that she believe in him. The second half of this song is easy to bop to and sing along.
  7. The Rockstar: I feel like I should be in a piano bar with a whiskey in hand and snapping my fingers. YOUNG XAV wants someone and if he can’t have her, he wants nothing. I’m starting to wonder who this lucky girl is. Unfortunately, his Rockstar life can get in the way. It was a nice switch up from the rest of the songs thus far.
  8. Catch Me If You Can: Its a cat and mouse game between two lovebirds. Who will catch who. Love the after dark refences towards the end.
  9. TV Screens: Hollywood fucked up his view of love and literally that is all of us. TV is very different from real life. I love the line ” Needed you for my art but now it’s toxic”. I almost died at that line. This song is impeccable in my opinion. It touches base on reality and the distorted delusions we can often live in due to what we see on tv.
  10. Secondhand Smoker: Dealing with thoughts in his mind and thinking of a lover. The memories make everything feel different and the nostalgia hits like a ton of bricks. He feels like a secondhand smoker from the thoughts. I like the comparison because love can feel like a drug. It was a smooth track that makes me mentally go to a rooftop overlooking the city and think of someone I miss.
  11. Too Gone Pt.2 : The feature on this song is perfection, Aanjolique truly takes this song to another level. YOUNG XAV brings in the male perspective and talks about how the stars align. “baby I’m a little faded, maybe baby we got too wasted on love, maybe we should have waited to see what we could have been.” YOUNG XAV agrees that maybe they should have waited to see what they could have been but they are both too gone…
  12. Lemonade On A Porch: YOUNG XAV cuts back all the noises and speaks to us. Then he gives us some of that guitar he is so good at. The first verse he apologizes for some of his wrongs. He says they can still be together. Later on, he describes depression and wonders how they got to this place. He believes they can be together. He wants her to stay with him and he tells of all the songs he has written for her.
  13. World’s Gone Mad (End Credits): Was not prepared for the rocker vibes for the last song. This is another view of YOUNG XAV. Who would have known he could deliver some rock to our ears. Bringing up my emo middle school days. ‘I’m just a kid trying to make it in life”. XAV wonders if you will save his life and run away with him? So, will you continue this journey with him??

Want more YOUNG XAV?

My sentiments remain that YOUNG XAV is ready for the big leagues and this album further drives that point home. If you are looking to join YOUNG XAV on his journey, check out the following links:


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