The Journey Podcast

The Journey Project Podcast (Ep. 13) (feat. Jesse Booker)

This week, we don’t see Josiah, and Jesse Booker has an extensive resume. He discuss how important the community is and how he has contributed to the local scene in Racine and beyond. He has been the big brother since he was younger and as he got older, the way he participates and changes the community. He is very humble and does not feel special because it takes more than one person to make a difference.

His inspiration definitely came from his children and he was exposed to different lifestyles as a youth growing up. Relationships and how you treat people is what matters. He hopes his children follow in his steps and that he leaves a legacy. They discuss how you can have all the talent in the world but without the tools you might not get the recognition you deserve. I got goosebumps with everything Jesse was talking about because it is so inspirational and true. Racine’s Got Talent is truly life changing for those who participate. He lets us know who the judges are and how the ranking scale works. This is truly his passion and you can tell by the emotion he has when speaking about it. Break time for the weekly spotlight.

Jesse tells us why he thinks inspiring the youth is important and how the environment changes us. He also discusses the importance of expanding your horizons and taking a leap. What drives Jesse to keep going is the challenge that comes with everything he does and overcoming those challenges. It is one of the most emotional interviews thus far and it was hard to hold back tears.

Jesse Booker is a gem and we must protect him at all costs. The stories he has of how the community has benefited through these various programs is insurmountable. He truly is a positive light and while he does not take much credit, if he did not facilitate these programs the community would not have access to them. Stay up to date for news about Racine’s Got Talent and Santa Does Exist.

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