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Erb Dean at Innjoy

There’s a quote from an unknown author that states, “I’m impressed with people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work.” That quote couldn’t be truer that the commitment artists and fans showed on January 30, 2023 at Innjoy. BaSkaveli worked diligently to throw an extraordinary event for local, undergrounds artists to showcase their skills and start off the year. Unlike other events where barely 20 people showed up during a summer event, Breaking Bread 2 was packed to the brim-don’t tell the Fire Marshall- with little walking room. The only area where you could walk was near the bathrooms. The shocking element is it was one of the coldest days, nearing record lows and frigid temperatures. Additionally, it was a Monday night where you would not expect upwards of 80 people to show out.

The crowd was extremely diverse, not just racially and ethnically but also musically. You had fans who listen to emo, hip hop, rock and even some skaters showed up. A fan even came all the way from Germany for the showcase and to check out the Chicago hip hop scene. While it was a small venue, it was high energy and once the performers were done, they would join the crowd creating a comfortable environment. One patron quoted, ” There was hella energy. No one was rowdy or trying to start problems or talk shit.” Now let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Battlegrounds and performances

There was a battleground where performers would go one on one against each other during three rounds. The crowd would vote until there was a winner crowned. The final battle came down to a local artist and Cordero, who came up from Arizona for this showcase. Unfortunately, our boy came in second place after an extremely intense head to head. After the battleground rounds, we got into the main performances. Many artists performed on this below zero, freezing Monday night such as:

The trending topic around the room was the suitcase man. It was an older white gentleman walking around with a suitcase that everyone was unsure of his role. Theory has it that he was there to promote another artist which is an interesting marketing ploy. Check the video below courtesy of BaSkaveli and see if you can spot our mystery man. The final performance and the reason we are here is for our closer: Erb Dean.

Erb Dean Performance

Towards the end of the showcase, it was time for Erb Dean to shine. He performed one song with Kid Pica$$o titled Capicu. Being his first performance of the year we were able to speak to him about his preparation and he says prior to the show him and Kid had many practice runs. While he was awaiting show time he took some shots and did some mental prep, going through his practice run and lyrics. He credits having his childhood friends there supporting him and the high energy of the venue, along with his preparation for quelling his nerves prior to showtime.

Entering the stage his energy and confidence were high and he was ready to put on a show. He had some slight technical difficulties but he made the best of it and killed his performance. He did such a good job that the crowd didn’t notice there was anything amiss which speaks volumes to his professionalism. His stage presence was captivating and it was the best way to close out the show. One patron had this to say about the show, “We all Inn joyed ourselves.”

Erb Dean and the future

Erb Dean has a lot in the works for the future and has been working behind the scenes to get his music and business in order. Our next interview will have a visual or audio accompaniment. Erb has been working on features and networking to build his repertoire. He will be dropping singles throughout the year to build up hype with the first dropping very soon with a possible February release. He has also linked up with a business associate who is using her prior experience in the industry to help guide him on his future endeavors. You can look for his music on DistroKid and stream on all platforms for your convenience. Erb is an artist in Chicago you must keep your eye on, I know my Chicago correspondents will be keeping us in the loop for future shows and musical releases, likely with an upcoming battle.

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