Artist Promotion

Brick NIck by Erb dean

February is all about Chicago, and we close out the month with the same artist we opened: Erb Dean. While we haven’t featured any of his music for some years, the Melly Starz team has been following his career trajectory for many years. Erb has been writing since he was young and has been honing his craft for several years. He has a lot in store for the future, and this is just the beginning for 2023. So let’s get into the song.

Thoughts on Brick Nick 

The beat and flow match flawlessly. The hook is immaculate with the nick, lick, blick blick, picnic, etc. I love how he emphasizes the instruments at the end; it was ‘chef’s kiss.’ My fav line is, “I always had a hit list, first the bitches, then the business.” He’s confident but also shouts out to us old heads. That’s respect. There are so many sly ass comments and cultural references your head might spin. He also drops in Chicago references, which is always a must. I can’t find any notes for improvement, which is rare for me.

The production value is exceptional. Erb’s hard work over the years is paying off. Don’t believe me, then check the song out for yourself and let me know your thoughts. You can find Erb Dean on Instagram and listen to his music on all streaming platforms.

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