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LSD (Lake Shore Drive) by Smokey Smothers

Smokey Smothers has been writing and producing since she was 9 years old and is now the CEO of Spaceflight Media. The company focuses on script writing, graphic design, and videography. Smokey went on a mini tour to promote Hollywood Smoke. The last few years have been a whirlwind, and she has garnered fans worldwide as she continues the legacies of her grandfather and great-uncle.

A lot has changed since we last saw Smokey Smothers in Mellsville. The Wisconsin native now resides in Chicago and comes to us with her newest track LSD (Lake Shore Drive). The track features a mesmerizing hook from singer/rapper HAZATHAHEATHEN. The track comes from her Hollywood Smoke Ep, available on all platforms. It is said that Smokey’s hypnotic flow leaves the listener in a trance and takes you on a journey. Let’s go on this ride down Lake Shore Drive…

Thoughts on LSD

Smokey asks us if we want to go for a ride and assures us we’ll always be good when we’re with her. I’ve got to say I believe her. Once Smokey gets us comfortable, HAZATHAHEATHEN asks her to go on a ride and what she wants Smokey to make her feel. In the verse, Smokey Smothers describes exactly how the night will go starting with that ride. She also describes what will happen the next morning and how she will keep you safe. At the end, the beat slows down, and our ride is over. The one downside of this track is; it’s far too short. I want to hear more from this duo and what would happen during a ride down Lake Shore Drive and beyond.

Looking for more Smokey Smothers?

We all know I’m a fan of Smokey Smothers and she continues to kill it lyrically and draw in more fans. LSD is incomparable to Danger but both tracks show us the many sides of Smokey.You can find LSD and other content from Smokey Smothers by following these links:

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